Sharing passion ‘to the point’, aiming to uncover the unexpected.


Van muziek tot worst

Maart 2013

WORM Rotterdam

Voertaal Engels | Moderator Jeroen Deckers Designplatform Rotterdam)

Without any other theme than their own, presenters shared their passion ‘to the point’ aiming to uncover the unexpected. The audience may expect anything, representing ideas that may be new or old fashioned, crazy or insane, brilliant or tedious, disturbing or exhilarating. All of this brought in a rapid and entertaining flow in the WORM creative context, the one institute of avant garde recreation.
A crowded WORMhouse with nearly 200 visitors and participants witnessed a Pecha Kucha Night with a great variety of presenters. Host Willem Kars introduced on stage a.o. a beautiful violin player next to a passionate sausagemaker; a hijab designer meeting disco entrepreneurs, a spaghetti lover and a tv-journalist, showing and promoting their particular visions, ideas and results with twenty slides in just 400 seconds.

Met onder meer: 

Pierre Elitaire, real name Isaac Monté, a graduated interior architect who now studies product design at Willem de Kooning Academy. Showing us his remarkable approach of furniture design.

Hans Foks and Willem Lagerwaard presented Oorkania. An already well visited and succesfull website that aims to enable children appreciate music and gain more awareness of what music actually is.

Rocco Verdult showed us samples of his work as a designer who focuses on design for the gatering of people within a specific contest. Power to the people.

Frank du Mosch is a radio and tv presenter/journalist who strives for the improvement of our society with regard to re-instating individual responsibilities counter to an overorganised government supposedly taking care of anything but taking away trust and avoiding risks.

Sander van Loon, co-founder of Mesh Print Club proves daily that the art and the craft of screenprint is an acesssible, comfortable and well founded way of printing for everyone. After a nomadic existence he now claims to have finally settled, joined by his Oona-collegues and Michael Leach, master screeenprinter. The place to go to is The Slaakhuys.

Hester Scheurwater photoperformance artist reaches a large international crowd with her photography works in which she herself is the model, changing from subject to object and back again. Questioning the way we have all grown used to the intention and meaning of photography.;Hester's Facebook

Paolo Davanzo en Lisa Marr. Echo Park Film Center is their travelliing filmworkshop. In the USA they permanently travel with a moviebus appearing on remote places to create or show films on the spot. Currently just starting in Rotterdam to develop a local neighbourhood film project.

Cindy van de Bremen graduated ten years ago with a project for design of the Hijab for sporty Moslima's. Currently in the news due to FIFA soccer organisation finally supporting the use of her particular design. Besides this her social design projects gain a lot of attention also.

Eva Kasbergen violinist and photographer, showed us her project 'Zien met 1000 oren". 'Seeing with a thousand ears'. Eva asks people to write down their impressions and thoughts while listening to her violin playing. The texts are processingredients in her audio visual works.

Giuseppe Licari, artist and cook who is developing programs in which he invites participants to join in food making and in particular spaghetti making. His Spaghetti Forever program is a great experience bringing us back to our earthly feelings. Giuseppe claims.

Paul van den Hooven for a long time used to be a social worker. After being sacked he picked up his life again and has by now become a renowned expert on sausage making and taste creator. His new business 'Wild Vleesch' organises suasage making workshops.

Nikki Rosa Ootjers and Hinde Chatouf are both the creators of Empty Disco. Which actually is a disco that does not want to be one. This moving from place to place as an art statement but meanwhile having a party and inviting anyone to join them... Which we did as a grand final of this fine evening. Facebook Empty Disco.


PECHA KUCHA NIGHTS = Tijdens een Pecha Kucha presenteren ontwerpers, critici, kunstenaars en andere ondernemers hun plannen en idealen. Elk maken zij ‘hun persoonlijke punt’ met behulp van twintig beelden op het scherm, en precies 400 seconden per persoon. Dit motiveert deelnemers creatief en to the point te zijn. Een spannende mix aan onderwerpen komt in hoog tempo voorbij!

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